Artist Statement


In order for you to begin unraveling Sideras’ practice, you need to bare an aerial image of a traffic interchange in mind: Think of all the individual roads forming junctions, which are stacked atop each other and all converge at one single point. That is precisely how they see their work; it exists in the interchange of disparate disciplines which are seemingly unrelated when viewed from street level.

In that way, some may see their work as theatre, others as buffoonery or not art at all. Truth is, their performances thrive in the instances where theatre clashes with art, clowning rivals drag and comedy taunts critical thinking. Such moments are sustained by the symbiotic relationship the live art they produce has with video, writing and installation art. 

Sideras uses stylised acts such as gestures, costume, props and movements to create characters - who have taken the form of Mimes, Christmas Trees, Ghosts and much more. Their handmade gods and monsters wear mixed gender signs, as they collectively operate in undermining singular expressions of gender and identity, whilst also becoming a platform for discussion of LGBTQ+ issues relating to marginalisation, solitude and safety.

So when you are the point of crossing that interchange whilst you view their work, please make sure you wave back at their oddities, anxiously awaiting to meet your gaze.