Counting Stars

Counting Stars


Live performance from Tales, Mimicries & Mythologies exhibition at the Stanley Picker Gallery, February 2019

Counting Stars is a multidisciplinary body of work, comprising of live and video performances, as well as props arranged into a site-specific installation for the ‘Tales, Mimicries & Mythologies’ group exhibition at the Stanley Picker Gallery ( Feb. 19). 

Borrowing objects from everyday life associated with cleaning, Counting Stars expresses the concerns of an EU migrant living in a post EU referendum Britain, who also identifies as a genderqueer individual. Will there be any implications to life as we know it? Will the rights of those in need of safeguarding be guaranteed? 

lady youropa.jpg

When Antonis Sideras puts on a ‘Brexit Christmas tree’ dress made out of felt and tinsel, they portray a parody of a blissfully ignorant ‘Lady Youropa’, who is about to be confronted by shocking news. Sideras’ experiments with video performance and a trash x camp aesthetic, satirise Europe’s response following the results of the EU referendum.