Absence of the Artist - Keith Arnatt's show at the Spruth Magers Gallery

Today I had the pleasure of visiting Keith Arnatt's show titled 'Absence of the Artist' at the Spruth Magers Gallery.

The first object one encounters when entering the gallery space is a piece of text by Arnatt stating that he did nothing for this show. The challenging-to-follow text opens up various interpretations of how his absence can be either perceived as a form of contribution to the exhibit or not.

Contrasting the piece of text, the rest of the show was comprised of an assemblage of light sequential imagery portraying Arnatt's absence from his work in an effortless yet humorous manner; From illustrating the artist being buried in the ground and eating his words, to documenting the remnants of public urination, Arnatt's photographic work examines the multifaceted pictorial manifestation of the artist's absence from his work.

A must see show ending on the 26th of September.