Beaupump at Dynamite Gallery - Brighton

Brighton, Brighton, Brighton. Last Saturday I had the pleasure of visiting Brighton and wandering through its streets I discovered the hidden gem known as the Dynamite gallery. The main exhibition at Dynamite features works from two exciting, bizarre, beautiful local artists; Lost and foundry (Maxine Michaelides) and Salty De Soufflé. Beaupump was the name of the show.

Salty De Soufflé, St. Teatime, Patron Saint of Biccies, Mixed media

I was particularly interested in De Soufflé's mixed media work. One can summarise De Soufflé as an artist rescuing unwanted old paintings and giving them an extreme makeover - postmodern edition, incorporating kitsch/pop imagery in flamboyant arrangements. The resulting artworks reflect an ingenious way of recycling art, turning them to exciting-politically incorrect images. 

A combination of De Soufflé's playful mixed media collages with imaginative lighting-installations by Lost and Foundry, Beaupump sends the audience off to a journey down an anything-goes pop nostalgia - rabbit hole. Beaupump is on until September 27, so do fall down that rabbit hole and discover the creative talent that resides in Brighton.