Birth of the Botch

Birth of the Botch

Birth of the Botch, Video Performance, 2014, 2 Minutes

This piece was my response to the 'Make your mark' brief at the 2014 D&AD New Blood Awards.

The performance explores the complete dispossession of my personal identity through conscription and its prejudiced environment and the reinvention of myself through the flare of performance.

The video performance was awarded a D&AD New Blood Yellow Pencil Award.

"Birth of the Botch is brave work. Birth of the Botch is political work. Birth of the Botch is one of the reasons why we wrote a brief like Tell Don’t Sell, because we thought it important that the new creative blood put themselves on the line – to risk something in order to say something real.

Antonis Sideras made us sit up and take notice. Antonis made us do a lot of things really. Birth of the Botch took the judging panel through an array of emotions: from indifference to mild shock, to empathy and beyond – we might have forgotten our own names for a minute, but we certainly remembered The Botch. And that’s why he’s one of our nominees."

Ansel Neckles, Let's Be Brief