Look at me

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My mother thinks that everything I do, I do it to gain attention

botch-botchart-animation-look at me- collage-performance art.jpg

 She is right! However did she ever bother to think why I do the things I do.

Maybe I try to show things no one wants to see.

As saddened as I am for my intentions being misunderstood, the possibility that some understand what I do keeps me going.

 At the end I have an obligation to stand on that stage, face my audience and show them a part of me that is sincere in the hopes of inspiring change.


Look at me, Collage, Animation & Digital Art, 2015

These images were created using stills from the live performance ‘Look at me’ and textiles. ‘Look at me’ examines the psychosynthesis of the queer performer, whose efforts to narrate a personal story are misinterpreted by his audience as a compulsive need for attention. The performer is left disheartened and confused. 

‘Look at me’ also explores the dynamics of my sexuality and gender fluidity in a social context via performance; The body language and facial expressions seen in the collages capture the genuine awkwardness and confusion of a queer performer living in a heteronormative society.