Corpus Christie

Corpus Christie 


Documentation of Corpus Christie performance at Fringe Arts Bath, March 2017


Almost Holding Hands, Installation, 2017

Corpus Christie is a live performance, involving the reading of a collection of personal poetry curated with that of Konstantinos Kavafis in order to link my work with that of a queer artist working roughly 100 years ago. This assemblage of poetry seeks to explicate the our views on the concepts of life, time and ephemerality, as well as the various ways in which we responded to them.  

The inclusion of soap boxes and using a bath robe as the costume derive from the installation works I had created prior to Corpus Christie. The premise of these works is using signs associated with personal hygiene as symbols for self protection. This was prompted as a site-specific response towards the space used for the performance, which was a disused commercial facility in Bath. 

Corpus Christie references the phrase 'Corpus Christi' which translates to 'The body of Christ' in Latin, in my efforts to draw associations with self protection and a higher level of awareness. 

Corpus Christie was presented at 94 Walcott Street with Fringe Arts Bath Festival on the 27th of May 2017. The performance was part of between - a live art and video exhibition curated by Vicky Vatcher.