The 'Goodbye' Series


Goodbye, Live Performance, 2017

The 8th of June 2017 marked the snap general election day; a milestone in contemporary British politics and potentially the end of Britain as we know it. 

Goodbye is a live performance where Sideras transforms into a gender-queer mourning character and says goodbye to a tolerant, diverse and inclusive Britain - hoping to raise awareness towards the impending political changes in the UK and their impact on life as we know it.

Live performance was presented at ill art/therapy room event by RUN Collective, at Hartslane Studios, on the 7th of June 2017. 


Goodbyes Never End

Goodbyes Never End, Live Performance, 2017

‘Goodbyes never end’ presents the gender queer character I have created in 'Goodbye' who disrupts gender norms with their appearance, in their pursuit to - yet again - say goodbye to a diverse and tolerant Britain. This time focusing on LGBTQ+ politics and recent changes, the performance urges the necessity to remain visible in our heteronormative, phallogocentric society and never take anything for granted.

‘Goodbyes never end’ was performed live as part of 'I will hold your gaze', Cookhouse Gallery, July 2017.