The 'Goodbye' Series

Goodbye Series


Documentation of Goodbyes Never End performance at Cookhouse Gallery in July 2017

Goodbye - Antonis Sideras.jpg

The character starring in the 'Goodbye' series has been heavily influenced by two genres relating to theatre: cabaret and musical theatre. The 'Goddbye' character was designed to have the appearance of a gender-queer mourner, grieving the potential loss of certain rights and other legislations due to the political uncertainty in current day Britain linked to Brexit. 

This two-part performance was performed in two different contexts: ill Arts/Therapy Room - an experimental live art event in a disused building and I will hold your gaze -a fine art exhibition held in a Cookhouse gallery. What tied the performances together was the combination of the dramatic spectacle seen in musical theatre and cabaret, rendered with the subtle enactment of contemporary live art.