Performance Trailer for queerceptions


Queerceptions has been the moment in my art practice where all my research and skillset merged organically in the form of a performance lecture, delivered using one of Queerrot's early video pieces as a case study. The aim of this lecture is for me to introduce my audience to the critical underpinning of my practice and to explicate my views on gender and identity fluidity

I thus transformed into a gender non-binary character through the use of make up, costume and gestures, becoming an embodiment of the theories discussed during the lecture. I also designed the publicity material for the lecture, aiming to use visual communication tools to enhance the experience of the audience, whilst staging queer visibilities

In terms of the costume, I used a tailored business suit referencing images of power women. Additionally the fuchsia faux fur used summarises myself in a nutshell: a pink furry fairy playing with mixed - gender signs and critical theory. 

The text and poetry written for Queerceptions was published at the sold out Queer issue of Rapsodia Magazine in January 2018